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PUK 4c

PUK 4c - Fine Welding Device

The PUK precision welding device is a compact
and versatile TIG impulse welder with which
fine and minute welds can be carried out under a
welding microscope.
The operating principles and spectrum of possible
applications are very close to those of laser
welding. This similarity means that the exact
positioning of small, stable spot-welds or welds
in hard-to-get-to or deep lying positions poses no problem.
In contrast to soldering, the area of the work
piece that is affected by heat is very small when
working with the “PUK”. So small in fact, that
problem free welds adjacent to precious stones or
pearls can be handled with ease.
Even the finest of welds are possible. Utilising our
welding microscope, the problem free handling
of pieces of work right down to 0,2 mm now
becomes a reality.
Welding microscope SM03
By using the welding microscope, high-quality welds
can be readily produced, hence outstanding results
and highest precision made possible.
LED lighting, handpiece holder as well as an optimum
working distance ensure comfortable work.

The eye-protecting filter integrated into the microscope is
especially designed for welding applications. It gives the
user‘s eyes a highly dependable safeguard whilst welding.
By switching automatically from its clear setting (Luminescence
DIN3) to its dark setting (Obscurity DIN11), glare
from the electric arc is thus prevented.
The PUK 4c precision welding equipment puts
a whole host of possible applications in the
jewellery production at your fingertips. Structures
made from sheet or wire elements can be just as
easily done as tack welds and repairs to jewellery
parts. Restoring missing parts or filling of pores
by applying welding wire are only a few further
examples of the PUK‘s versatility.
All metals or alloys which can be TIG or Laser
welded, are suitable for use with the PUK. In
addition to many precious metal alloys, many nonferrous
metals (e.g. copper and tin alloys, many
steels, titanium and aluminium alloys, etc.).
Using the additional function „tack welding“,
workpieces made of suitable metals
can be temporarily attached to each other
Technical Data: PUK 4c

Power output (TIG) min./max.                                     
Impulse length (TIG) min./max.                                   
Power output (Tack welding) min./max.                  
Impulse length (Tack welding) min./max.               
Welding speed                                                                   
Automatic gas-pre-flow time                                     
Gas consumption                                                               
Shielding Gas                                                                        
Current consumption „maintaining mode“          
Program memory                                                               
Item number (PUK 4c incl. Microscope SM03)        
9 - 280 A
0,5 - 24 ms
80 - 600 A
0,2 - 6 ms
up to 1,5 Hz
ca. 2 l / min
Argon > 99,9 %
6 W
30 x
440 010
10 x
20 mm
145 mm
DegDIN 3 / DIN 11
> UV15 / > IR14
3 W
Technical Data: Microscope SM03

Magnification 10 x
Field of vision / diameter 20 mm
Operating distance 145 mm
Integrated-Automatic-LCD-Filter (Glare shield) +
Degree of luminescence / obscurity DIN 3 / DIN 11
UV Protection / IR Protection > UV15 / > IR14
LED lighting 3 W


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